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Wednesday Night Jam Races

Pymatuning Century Club (PCC) participates along with the Pymatuning Yacht Club (PYC)  and other clubs in Wednesday  "JAM" races on the lake over a 2 nm course. Races are held from May into September and usually start at 5:15pm.

Last year, PCC fielded seven sailboats in competition with members of other clubs. A dinner follows each race at PCC that is provided by racing captains and crew. Anyone in our club can participate in races either as a crew member on someone else’s boat or by entering your own boat. We also race two of PCC’s club boats, the Flying Scot (Sassy Lassie) and the Ranger 23. Flying Scots are allowed to fly spinnakers, all other boats only use jibs and mains (hence "JAM"). Contact our racing coordinator, Ross Cummings, for more information..

2023 Racing Calendar - TBD

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